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About Justin

My Journey into Structural Integration

I grew up in and around Muscatine, Iowa which is situated on the bluffs of the Mississippi River. My family’s home was in an oak tree forest on the outskirts of town. The woods is where I spent most of my time.  I would traipse through the vast terrain around my neighborhood catching frogs, swimming, exploring and basically getting dirty. When was growing up I played mostly stick and ball sports with a little track and field as well as swimming mixed in. Soccer was the sport I played the longest and had the biggest passion for. It wasn’t until moving to Oregon in 2007 that I truly discovered the wilderness. I adore my time in the mountains and valleys the PNW has to offer. Especially, the 3 Sisters Wilderness near Bend. I currently enjoy backpacking, hiking, reading books made of paper, rafting and mountain biking, foargaing, learning new things about human anatomy, among other interests.

In 2012 I was looking to change my life. I took a long walk from Mexico to Canada along the 2655 mile Pacific Crest Trail (PCT).

US/Canadian Border PCT
US/Canadian Border PCT

During that 5+ month journey I took an introspective look at the culmination of my life. The days along the trail brought ample time to think, mull over and clarify who I was, what I wanted from my future and how I was going to achieve it all. Somewhere in Northern California I came to the conclusion that I wanted to help people. I wanted to make a positive impact in others’ lives. I decided I would do this via Massage Therapy. When I got back to Bend, Oregon I enrolled in Sage School of Massage here in Bend.

Before the trail I had been doing a little bodywork/massage to friends and coworkers for a few years. Some of them were kind enough to encourage me to seek professional training. To them, I will always be indebted for their generous acceptance, kindness and openness. They, along with my teachers and clients allow me to be who I am. For that, I am forever humbled and grateful to them. In this instance I would definitely say the words are not the experience. Thank you all, for everything. 

Three short years later I have completed training through Kinesis Myofascial Integration School of Structural Integration (KMI). I now practice Structural Integration. It has been a wondrous journey through many, many hours of anatomy texts, medical journals, dissection videos, thoughts, sessions and writing about SI. I’d do it all again and my curiosity has just begun to be piqued. At the moment of this writing there are no fewer than 7 books relating to Structural Integration on their way to my home. I am truly a fortunate individual in many regards.


Kirkwood Community College, A.S. Fire Science Mgmt. – 2001

Sage School of Massage Therapy, 720 hrs. – 2013

Kinesis Myofascial Integration School of Structural Integration (KMI), 500 hrs. – 2016       (in 2017 KMI has been rebranded as Anatomy Trains Structural Integration ATSI)

Nerve and Artery Mobilization for Structural Integration Module I, 28 hrs. – 2017

Nerve and Artery Mobilization for Structural Integration Module II, 28 hrs. – 2017

Fascial Dissection Lab with Tom Myers and Todd Garcia, 40 hrs – Jan. 2018

Bonework with Sharon Wheeler, 35 hrs – August 2018

Visceral Manipulation I (VM1) with Barral Institute, 24 hrs Dec. 2018

Visceral Manipulation II (VM2) with Barral Institute, 24 hrs Jan. 2019

Visceral Manipulation III (VM3) with Barral Institute, 24 hrs May 2019

Scarwork with Sharon Wheeler, 28 hrs – August 2019