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Session Length and Price


Massage rate per unit (unit = 15 mins.): $28

All sessions are about 75 mins. 5 units x $28 = $140

At time of service payment discount is: $30.

Total price per 5 unit session with discount is: $110


For your first session please allow for up to 2 hours for the session.

There is no additional charge if the session goes the full 2 hours.


I appreciate the sentiments however, I don’t accept tips


I believe the time or length of a session is not the key to a session. The work is theqtq80-rVeMT2 important aspect. In my experience, what you are paying me for is the work. What the work to me means: the changes in your body. There is a limit to how much change a body can adjust to in every situation. It is never the same person to person or session to session. In Structural Integration doing more is not necessarily better and sometimes can have an opposite effect.


Monday-Thursday: 10-6

Friday: 10-4

If you would like a different time please ask and we’ll see what can be done.


I do offer a sliding scale. Please inquire prior to your session.


I accept: CASH, Check or Card including HSA’s