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What to Wear

Why are clothes worn during the session?

Structural Integration (SI) is interactive, unlike a majority of other massage therapies. Some of the work in SI is done in a seated position, standing or otherwise while moving.  A traditional massage table and a sheet/blanket are also utilized. At various times during the session you will need to walk around the room to let your body integrate the changes. So wearing something you feel comfortable in is important.

One of the important aspects of SI is what we call body reading. In body reading I  view the body’s bony land marks and how they are positioned in gravity. This gives me a lot of information as to what the underlying tissue is doing. From that I can come up with a plan on how best to assist you in reaching your goals. This is an essential component to the SI process and is facilitated by the wearing of clothes during the session. It is a fairly brief process of about a minute.

Some things for everyone to please avoid: tight shorts (like those for biking or sliding), buttons or rivets and big buckles.

Your personal comfort and modesty are important and paramount to any session. No matter what you show up in we can work with it.

For Women:  A tank top or sports bra and a pair of loose fitting shorts are best. The ideal thing may be a camisole top with built-in shelf. Please don’t feel like you have to buy something specifically for your session. Most clothing items are workable. Ideally the straps are on or over the shoulders and not down the middle of the spine.

bostenshorts      new-balance-sports-bra

Yellow tank top

For Men:  Any type of loose fitting shorts i.e. running, soccer, basketball, board short or swimsuit.