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About KMI Series

What is the KMI 12-Series or Recipe?

All SI series are based on the Classic 10-series pioneered by Dr. Ida P. Rolf. In KMI or Kinesis Myofascial Integration there are 12 sessions. Other types of SI have different numbers of sessions. Structural Integration is a hands on manually applied therapy. It is designed to progressively go through the body by working in a systematic way with first, the superficial tissues while preparing to go in deeper tissues later on through 12 integrated sessions. Sessions 1-8 have specific territories of our body’s tissue referred to as Anatomy Trains in KMI. Sessions 9-12 also have specific territories they are just much larger. The Anatomy Trains is an analogical concept based on specific kinetic chains of tissues/muscles or mechanical forces as our bodies move through gravity. Every session is designed to prepare the way for future sessions.

Every session in the series has a territory. Think of it as a pathway from familiar to cropped-Andy-Goldsworthy-24.jpgnew. Every session in the series includes goals and strategies to help achieve those goals within the territories. Sessions 1-8 have a more refined territory than sessions 9-12. The reason for this is in the beginning we work with smaller pieces of the body while thinking of the whole system. Once the body has adapted to the changes we can address bigger areas. We operate on the idea that the human body has a sleeve and a core. We can think of these two as the “doing” vs. the “being” parts of our body. The doing part moves around our limbs and torso while the being part holds us in postural patterns.

Sessions 1-4 address the superficial tissues or the bodies sleeve. One of the major differences in KMI vs. other SI series is session #4 which we call the Spiral Line. This session addresses the superficial rotations of each client’s personal postural patterns. 

Sessions 5-8 address the deeper tissues in our bodies or our core. We believe our posture is held in the core. Anything that was exhibited in our sleeve may be a counterbalance for a posture held in the core. 

Sessions 9-12 are the integration sessions. Integration means: to make whole or in a sense of the physical human body; relating the various parts so they act as a entity. In these sessions we work towards having the core and sleeve work together. In sessions 9-12 the work is integrated into the body via the enhanced ease of movement. The work in these sessions will be more intensely focused on the clients specific pattern. Another aspect that sets KMI apart from other forms of SI is that only KMI has an arm-specific session #11. This is not to say we don’t address arm related work in other sessions merely, that we specifically target the arms along 4 different lines all the way to the ends of the fingers in 1 specific session.